Botox Miami

Introduction to Botox Miami

The only treatment approved for the treatment of moderate to severe lines in the forehead, inner brows, frown lines, and wrinkles around the eyes, Botox Miami is proven to be effective in temporarily diminishing or eliminating creases caused by aging. Today, Botox Miami is one of the most popular non-surgical procedures in the United States.

Proven most effective when treating the upper third of the face, Botox Miami can lift sagging brows, giving the face a rejuvenated, refreshed appearance, often described as a well-rested look.

Each treatment with Botox Miami take about 15 minutes, and if often referred to as a lunch time appointment; with only minor restrictions in the 24 hours after the treatment, patients are able to re-apply make-up immediately following the appointment.

What is Botox Miami?

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Botox Miami, is the cosmetic form of botulinum toxin type a, a neurotoxin which prevents the release of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine from neuromuscular junctions causing resulting in paralysis, a mechanism which first became evident in the early 1900’s. After decades of research and experimental use, botulinum toxin types A and B were first used in the late 1970’s as a treatment for disorders in the muscles, especially those of the eye which caused twitching and irregular eye alignment or crossed eyes.

In 1989 a plastic surgeon in California was the first to use Botox as we know it today to treat asymmetry of the face caused by facial nerve paralysis and documented successfully using Botox as a solution for correcting facial muscle spasms due to nerve paralysis. Canadian husband and wife team JD and JA Caruthers were the first to notice Botox’s effect on frown lines between the eyebrows. An ophthalmologist and dermatologist by trade, the duo were the first to conduct a study on the effect of botulinum toxin as an effective treatment for improving the appearance of frown lines.

Following the ground breaking study, the cosmetic use of Botox spread like wild fire, and today is has consistently been the number one most non-surgical cosmetic procedure performed in the United States, with over 6 million reported procedures completed in 2015 alone!

How does Botox Work?

Botulinum toxin, the main component of Botox, and Dysport is a neuro toxin which works by blocking muscular nerve signals, effectively relaxing the muscle preventing it from contracting again, for at least three months. Unwanted facial wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed resulting in a more youthful appearance. In Miami, many unqualified professionals offer Botox or Dysport in spas, dental offices and even at the gynecologist’s office. While this is not illegal in Florida, at Jolie Plastic Surgery we recommend you see a plastic surgeon for all cosmetic injectables.

Botox is injected directly into the muscles being treated using a fine needle. No anesthetic is used, and patients only feel minor discomfort. Since the Botox injection sites on the face have a direct impact on the outcome of the treatment, it is best to do research and find a professional with vast experience with Botox. Missing the mark could very well lead to Botox gone wrong!

Botox mistakes can cause the face to look expressionless or asymmetrical. For example:

  • Frozen expression – injecting more Botox than necessary can result in the complete paralysis of a muscle for at least a few months, resulting in the “frozen” look, where patients are unable to furl or lift their brows, or move their mouths very much.
  • Droopy eyes – A good rule of thumb to remember is that Botox injected into one muscle also affects the neighboring muscles and missing the intended injection site may unintentionally cause a part of the face to droop instead of lift.
    Case in point: eyelid ptosis, caused by Botox injections given too close to the upper eyelid resulting in patients being able to “open” their eye. The good news is that as the Botox wears off, eyelids affected should return to their original positions.
  • Low brows- incorrect placement or dosage of a Botox injection to the frontalis muscle, the muscle in the forehead which is usually treated for wrinkles, can cause eyebrows to sag, especially if the injection is placed too close to the temples.
  • Permanently surprised brows – Often the result of over injection to the wrinkles in the center of the forehead, causing the center of the brows to drop lower than the outer corners. This same “sinister” look can also occur due to over injection to the outer corners of the brows, causing an overarching of the brows. In some cases, the over arched eyebrow only occurs to one eyebrow, causing a forced quizzical look in some cases of Botox gone wrong.
  • New wrinkles- As mentioned earlier, Botox injections to one site will directly affect the adjoining areas of the face. Sometimes, treating the outer corners of the eyes or crow’s feet may cause new wrinkles on the lower eyelid. Poorly placed injections to the glabella, the lines between the eyebrows, may cause a wrinkle across the bridge of the nose beneath the injection site.

Botox Injection Sites on Face

Botox Injection Sites on Face

Botox is best used to treat the upper third of the face; specifically the area of the brows, forehead and corners of the eyes.

Around The Eyes – If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the wrinkles around them represent a life spent laughing. Years of winking, squinting, smiling, and laughter create the appearance of fine lines around the eyes commonly referred to as crow’s feet. The maximum recommended dosage of Botox for the treatment of crow’s feet is 24 units in total (think three units per wrinkle, per eye).

Eyebrows – Nearly every expression which comes across the face involve the eyebrows; from frowning to laughter, years of contracting the muscles of the eyebrows cause wrinkles, usually in the area of the “11’s” the glabella, AKA the inner brow. Severe wrinkles in this area may give some the appearance of a perpetual angry face. Fortunately a few units of Botox can relax the muscle causing the permanent furling of the eyebrows, restoring a softer more relaxed look to the face.

Forehead – Wrinkles caused by the frontalis muscle, commonly referred to as “surprise lines” can needlessly make someone appear older than their natural age. Treatment of this area with Botox can relax the frontalis muscle, softening the look of wrinkles and creases in the forehead.

Downturned Mouth – Turn your frown upside down! Though not as commonly done, the downturned mouth can be corrected by way of Botox injections to the “Depressor Anguli Ori”, DAO muscles of the mouth which are used to pull the mouth downward in a frown, can become strong with time causing the mouth to permanently frown. Combine the strengthened DAO with the natural weakening of the ligaments surrounding the mouth and the result is a forever sad face. A few Botox injections to relax the DAO muscle can correct downturned mouth.

Botox to the muscles around the mouth required a truly skilled injector as there are high risks of asymmetrical smile due to Botox migration.

Masseter – People who grind their teeth may have overly developed masseter muscles. Located on the outer corners of the jaws, over pronounced masseter muscles may cause the face to look wider than it is. Botox injections to the masseter effectively relax the muscles and end night grinding and clenching of the jaw resulting in a more “V” shape of the jaw line.

It is important to note that in where the muscles of the face are used the most; wrinkles may be much deeper than can be effectively treated with Botox. A good litmus test is to manually stretch the skin where the crease is on the face. If the wrinkle is still visible on the skin, Botox may not be the ideal treatment then injectable filler may be necessary to eradicate the wrinkle completely.

Botox Miami - Important Safety Information

Botox performed by hair dressers, masseuses, mechanics, your cousin’s sister in law, and any other person not DEA approved is illegal and dangerous. Some patients may be tempted to save a couple of dollars unaware of the danger they’re putting themselves in. Ill-placed Botox by mere centimeters can cause facial paralysis and nerve damage. In some cases the damages wear off as the Botox leaves the body; while others may be irreversible, as in the case of severe nerve damage.

Dangers of Botox may include symptoms similar to botulism poisoning such as muscle weakness, blurry vision, problems speaking or swallowing, and inability to breathe or control bodily functions. Patients experiencing these symptoms should seek emergency medical treatment.

Botox Side Effects

Botox Miami

Botox patients can expect some bumps resembling mosquito bites immediately after they are injected. This is perfectly normal and usually subsides within a few hours with ice. Bruising can occur at the injection site which should also subside in a day or two. Some patients experience mild flu-like symptoms, headache, eye dryness or excessive tearing. These symptoms are usually temporary and should pass within a day.

What is the difference between Botox® and Dysport®?

Botox and Dysport are both made up of the same botulinum toxin; however the Food and Drug Administration renamed Botox onabotulinumtoxinA, and Dysport abobotulinumtoxinA, in order to emphasize the difference amongst the two products. Botox and Dysport work much in the same way, however each require different dosages to achieve the desired effect.

While there is no exact conversion rate, it is standard practice to use 2.5 -3 units of Dysport for every 1 unit of Botox, so in a case where 20 units of Botox would be used, 50 units of Dysport would be injected to achieve the same result. This is not because Dysport is inferior, but because the Dysport molecule is smaller than the Botox molecule. Patients who receive treatment with Dysport will see results within 48 hours whereas Botox patients don’t begin to see the full effect until about 4 days have passed. Both are excepted to spread a bit at the injection site; Botox may spread about a centimeter or less, while Dysport may travel a little further from the injection site.

The FDA issued the different names solely so that aesthetic professionals would be aware of the difference in dosage applications; and since then this has been the Pepsi vs. Coke of the aesthetic industry.

Botox Injection

Benefits of Botox Miami

As widely known, Botox is used to diminish or eradicate the lines of the face, specifically around the eyes, brows, and forehead. The average Botox injection will last at least three months, with some patients enjoying the effects for about a year. Many factors affect the duration of the treatment, including how often the muscles treated are used, how often the patient engages in vigorous exercise, and percentage of body fat all affect the duration of the effect of Botox.

What to Expect from Botox?

It is important to note that many patients seek retreatment when about 50% of the Botox has dissipated, and seldom wait for 100% of the treatment to wear off; causing a discrepancy in reported “duration” times. The manufacturer of neuro toxins nearly always cite the amount of time which passes for the Botox/Dysport to wear off completely and not the time it takes for wrinkles to return.

The full effect of Botox treatments can be appreciated after three days in most patients, with some patients not seeing the complete results until two weeks after treatment. Patients who come into Jolie Plastic Surgery for treatment for a special event are wise to book their injectables two or three weeks in advance in order to guarantee the full effect is visible during their big moment.

How much does Botox Cost?

Botox injections are usually charged by the unit or by the area. In Miami, a unit of Botox can cost anywhere from $10 to $20 per unit, with the average cosmetic surgeon’s practice settling right in the middle at $15. The average patient needs at least 20 units per area, for example, if a patient wishes to treat the 11’s, an area requiring 20 units of Botox they can expect to pay around $300; however the number of units needed also depends on the size of the muscle and the thickness of the skin.

Botox Injections in Miami - Find a Botox Specialist at Jolie Plastic Surgery

If you are wondering where to get Botox injections, please look no further than Jolie Plastic Surgery! Contact us for a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon well versed in the art of injectable treatments. Come in for a lunchtime appointment, and catch those little lines or wrinkles before they worsen.

Questions and Answers about Botox Miami

How long must I wait to see my Botox results? A full month has almost passed… Also, can I have an unlimited amount of Botox injections?
Humans can develop Botox antibodies. Whenever that occurs, the patient must go to the doctor to get additional Botox injections. As for the amount of Botox that can be administered, a patient may get an unlimited amount of Botox shots throughout his or her lifetime.
How many injections must I get for my frown lines?
Frown lines usually require 20 to 25 injections. Men, will require up to 30 Botox injections. The crow’s feet wrinkles will require about 22 to 30 injections. The horizontal frown lines require about 25 injections. Remember that each face has its own unique needs and features. Patients may require more or less Botox injections depending on the width of their face.
I worry about the Botox side effects. How can they be avoided?
If performed by a registered plastic surgeon, side effects can be very mild . Side effects usually show up when you get it done by someone with no experience or the required qualifications.
Any other alternatives to Botox?
Dysport and Xiomen may have the same effect only because it has Botulinum toxin Type A as its active ingredient. Both alternatives act as Botox, but with a different name or stronger intensity of the active ingredient.
I ended up with drooping eyelids after my Botox injections. Can eye drops help?
No eye drop may completely cure drooping eyelids. The effects may be mitigated by using Iodine, Naphcon A or Lopinox drops. Sometimes, you may not even need eye drops. Lifting your eyelids up, very gently, may help solve the problem.
I want to know if I can get a Dysport injection to contour the lower part of my face. Can it be done?
Like Botox, Dysport can be injected to the lower part of the face and mandibular area. It’s important to remember botox injections for wrinkles are not used to contour the face. They simply alter your facial expression. It does not change the overall shape of your face.
I got Botox injections and now everyone thinks I look angry. Why is that?
It sometimes happens that the eyebrows do not get an even distribution of Botox. As a result, the back of the eyebrows stays up, while the rest goes down. This causes the angry look effect. A minor reapplication of Botox, in the affected area, may get rid of the angry look.
How does Botox work the neck bands?
The neck muscles must be treated with care. Any mistake can create problems when swallowing. When placed correctly, the injections may flatten the creases in the neck. However, the injections may not always produce positive results on all patients.
Can Botox remedy wrinkles under the eyes?
Botox treats the muscles. To remove the excess folds beneath your eyes, you may need a more aggressive type of treatment or procedure such as plastic surgery or a filler injection under your eyelids.
Should I do Botox or Pelleve?
Some doctors recommend combining both Botox and Pelleve procedures. Botox freezes the muscles. On the meantime, Pelleve will build new collagen under the skin. The collagen created reinforces the relaxed look that you got as a result of your Botox injections. The combination produces a rejuvenated face. However, most doctors prefer that the patient gets Botox injections only, instead of undergoing treatment with Pelleve.
Can I exercise after getting Botox?
Patients should avoid exercising for at least two days after getting Botox injections.
My doctor told me not to lie down after getting Botox injections. Why can’t patients lie down?
Some doctors think that lying down may cause Botox to spread around areas that should not have gotten any Botox. It’s ok to lie down on your back after 4 hours. Avoid lying down on your stomach as it could shift the Botox into an unwanted place.
Updated on: October 21st, 2016

Disclaimer: Non Surgical Treatments, Diets, Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Results Can Vary Significantly Between Patients.