Brachioplasty Miami or Arm Lift

Arm reduction surgery, also known as brachioplasty is primarily a procedure for individuals who have undergone significant weight loss and have excess sagging skin on their arms, as well as individuals that have unnecessary fat and skin that cannot be tightened or lost through exercise and weight lifting. In South Florida, the arm lift procedure is very common as it provides a smoother, slimmer, and more rejuvenated look to the arm.

Jolie Plastic Surgery upholds one of highest quality standards for brachioplasty procedures throughout the United States.

Our team of highly trained surgeons are skilled in performing procedures designated to improve the overall appearance of individuals and generate the best possible results.

Planning before an Arm Lift Surgery at Jolie

  • First, call to schedule an appointment at our location in Miami to consult with a plastic surgeon.
  • A complete observation of your body and health, as well as the firmness and elasticity of the skin will be made. Your doctor will explain each step of the process and decide which procedure is most appropriate to help improve the appearance of your arms in order to accomplish complete satisfaction.
  • Once you have a scheduled your surgery date, it is important to be aware of food, liquids and recommended medications you should take or eliminate two weeks prior to the surgery. Following all instructions assigned is essential in order ensure your safety before, during, and after your procedure. Any alterations or failure to follow the given instructions may lead to complications or unsatisfying results.
  • Removal of snuff is essential for recovery.

Types of Brachioplasty Miami:

  • The traditional brachioplasty surgery eliminates excess fat and skin that droops downwards. The goal of this procedure is to create a tighter, smoother, more defined shape of the upper arm reducing pockets of fat. Incisions are generally placed in the inside bottom area of the upper arm running from the underarm to the elbow.
  • The mini-brachioplasty procedure is performed on patients who have only a minor amount of excess skin on the inner uppermost area of the arm. This sagging is usually a result of aging or weight loss. The mini arm lift removes less fat and skin than the traditional brachioplasty leaving a significantly smaller less noticeable scar on the crease of the armpit.

Jolie Plastic Surgery offers these two arm lift procedures designated to accommodate different types of patients aiming at different results. Consulting with one of our highly qualified plastic surgeons will help you decide which procedure would be most appropriate for your condition.

Traditional Arm Reduction Surgery

The arm reduction surgery is a procedure intended to improve the overall appearance of the skin on the arms. Depending on the level of sagging and excess skin on the patient’s arms, the plastic surgeon can determine which arm procedure would be most suitable. Brachioplasty surgery can be performed by the simple method of liposuction, but in the case of a patient with more serious needs, the traditional method of skin reduction would be recommended. The surgeon will first proceed to draw the areas to be removed and then sedate the patient with either local or general anesthesia. An incision will at the armpit removing all excess fat and skin from that area. The size of the incision will depend on the amount of skin being removed. The tissue will be stretched and repositioned through internal sutures which will either be absorbable or removed. This surgical procedure lasts about one to two hours. At about the end of a surgery, a drain is placed beneath the skin to ensure the elimination of any type of body fluid. Bands will be placed around the upper arm to prevent swelling of the arm.

Miami Laser Liposuction Combined with Arm Reduction

Jolie performs Laser Liposuction, a quicker, more advanced and painless process that works best with the arm reduction. After marking the areas of reduction, the specialist will give the patient a little sedation and local anesthesia. The surgeon will insert a special liposuction instrument called a cannula through small incisions creating continuous small tunnels to drain the fat. After the fat is removed, the surgeon will wrap the area with a compression garment and the small incisions will close on their own overtime. No sutures or stitches will be required in this type of procedure which means there will be no scars. This procedure lasts from one to two hours. These new techniques for liposuction + brachioplasty reduce pain, bruising, and marks on the arms before and after surgery.

Post Arm Reduction Surgery

  • Once the arm reduction surgery has been completed, compression bandages should be worn for a few weeks to help reduce inflammation and prevent fluid accumulation.
  • Patients should be accompanied by a family member or friend in order to assist them home the same day. Patients also have the option of staying in the clinic for a better and easier recovery. Once home, he/she should stay in bed with his/her arms raised.
  • The area should be washed twice a day with antibacterial soap and water.
  • As with any major surgical procedure, you will likely experience pain, bruising, and swelling that can be treated with medication that the doctor will prescribe. In the course of about two weeks the pain should slowly decrease.
  • You may return to work and start driving in about four to five weeks.
  • After about a month has elapsed, you may slowly return to physical activity, exercise, and heavy lifting.
  • The patient will see final results when scars have matured. This usually takes between four to six months.
Arm lift surgery

Risks of Brachioplasty Miami

At Jolie Plastic Surgery it is rare for complications to occur after an arm reduction procedure, but there are some general risks as there are with any other surgery that you should be aware of:

  • After surgery, it is possible for bleeding, bruising, swelling, or infection of the treated area to occur.
  • Allergic reaction may be possible due to anesthesia.
  • Abnormal scarring, fibrosis, numbness, and altered sensation may also occur.
  • If you experience any abnormal pain after surgery or have any concerns, is important that you contact your surgeon immediately so that the appropriate measures are addressed

Cost of Thigh and Arm Reduction Surgery in Miami

The arm reduction and thigh reduction surgery costs are given depending on the type of treatment that your body needs. Prices may range from $2000.00 to $7000.00. In Jolie, we offer a full financing service.

Common Questions and Answers About Brachioplasty Miami

Who is the best candidate for the arm reduction surgery?
The best candidates for the brachioplasty operation procedure are those that have had massive weight loss or those who have excess skin on their arms.
Does the arm reduction procedure leave scars?
The scars from the arm reduction surgery are slim and near the axillary fold, mingling with normal folds of the armpits. For those patients that have excess skin and cellulite, a second cut along the entire inside of the arm is required. If the patient follows all instructions, the scars should fade with time.
I want to have the arm reduction surgery but i’m not sure which procedure is best. Can I do both laser lipo and arm reduction at the same time?
Either procedure will produce satisfying results but the lipo laser can remove and eliminate unwanted fat just like the traditional method but with less pain and a faster recovery. Consult with your doctor to see which procedure would be better for you. Some patients do combine the two procedures and obtain satisfactory results.
Updated on: October 21st, 2016

Disclaimer: Non Surgical Treatments, Diets, Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Results Can Vary Significantly Between Patients.