Breast Augmentation Recovery Tips

The decision of going through with the breast augmentation procedure will be a great push to regain your confidence around others, and have a more beautiful body figure.

After the surgery is done, you will be excited about your new body look, but also some worries might run through your head during the recovery process. This is a completely understandable situation, and is actually really good because it will bring up questions that you should ask your doctor and he will be able to clarify them and give you instructions to have a fast and proper healing. However there are a couple of things that you will be able to do to help yourself have a faster recovery so you can start enjoying of your new body figure as soon as possible. Take the following tips as something to help your recovery process fly by!

Three Breast Augmentation Recovery Tips

  • Rest- Breast augmentation surgery like any other surgery requires rest time. Breast augmentation surgery will require you to have a lot of rest time, which might become annoying but your body needs to rest and you need to get a lot of sleep time as well. We all know that every women after their breast augmentation procedure will be so excited that being in bed resting will be frustrating but when your body is at rest you will feel a lot better and the scars will heal properly.
  • Follow your surgeon’s instructions- Following the instructions of your surgeon is very important, you should not skip one step, or medication instructed by your plastic surgeon. If you are feeling better and you think that it’s not necessary to continue what your plastic surgeon instructed you to do, then you should speak and consult with your doctor first before not following his recovery plan.
  • Fall back into your daily routine- If you are an active person you must be anxious to start going back to the gym, or your physical training, house chores, dancing, and any other activities that you had to stop for a while to have a fast and proper recovery for your breast implants. Only if your plastic surgeon agrees for you to start getting back with those activities once again, will you be allowed to slowly start picking up your daily routine once again. Try not to get involved with strenuous activities if your wound is not completely healed yet to evade any further complications.

Advice from someone who has had Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation can feel very overwhelming at first. Breast augmentation can be very frightening and can cause severe anxiety, especially when you do not know anybody who has had the procedure done and this would be your first time experience. When deciding to get a breast augmentation you want someone who will give you an honest opinion about the breast implants and help you make the best decision as possible and be there with you along the way. Even though your plastic surgeon is a great way to obtain information from through your entire experience most women want a girlfriend to talk to about the procedure.

When proceeding with breast augmentation there are many tips that you should know beforehand that your friend that has been through breast augmentation may not have forgotten.

  • It is important that you eat something while you take your pain medications
  • Practicing sleeping on your back or with propped up pillows since you will be sleeping like this for a few days post surgery
  • Letting your surgeon know of any medications you are taking prior to the surgery such as heart medication, blood medication, etc.
  • Do not drink any alcoholic drinks for 24 hours before surgery
  • Remove all jewelry and piercings before surgery
  • Wear loose fitting clothes to surgery such as sweat pants and a zip up sweater with slip on shoes
  • Make sure all the grocery shopping is done for at least two weeks post surgery
  • Have the house and bed clean so that there is nothing to worry about
  • A heating pad may be necessary for any back pain you might have after surgery
  • Make sure your medications are filled and ready to take once you are finished with the breast augmentation
  • Have a good supply of magazines, videos and books since you will not be capable of doing much for the first couple of days after surgery
  • Make sure your car has a full tank of gas
  • Take a pillow with you for the car ride home for comfort
  • Take a can or a container with a lid for the car ride just in case you need to throw up
  • Take a shower, shave, and wash your hair prior to your procedure
  • If you have a dog that requires walking, you may want to arrange having someone who will be able to walk the dog for the first couple of days

Disclaimer: Non Surgical Treatments, Diets, Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Results Can Vary Significantly Between Patients.