Eyebrow Transplant Miami

A person’s eyebrows frame their face, and help communicate feelings. Humans raise their eyebrows to express surprise, furl them to indicate frustration or anger, and slightly raise them to convey joy. The loss of the delicate hairs of the brow occurs due to over-tweezing, aging, nutritional deficiency, or disease, and is a traumatic loss to the sufferer since it tends to change the entire symmetry of the face and alter their expression. Lush brows are considered to be a symbol of youth, beauty, and virility; the bolder the brow the bolder the beauty!

Jolie Plastic Surgery, ever at the forefront of technological advances is pleased to offer eyebrow transplants, in Miami, to patients who wish to grow their eyebrows back.

Using NeoGraft to perform an eyebrow transplant, Miami, is the best non-surgical, minimally invasive way to grow back REAL brows! Using the Follicular Unit Extraction technology, (FUE) hair is harvested from the densest area of the patients head and transplanted to the eyebrow, once the transplanted follicles reach the end of their life cycle, a new hair grows in its place, restoring the fullness the area which received the transplant.

Causes of Eyebrow Loss

In order to successfully treat eyebrow loss we must first get to the root of the problem. The most common causes of hair loss are:

  • Excessive and repetitive hair removal is the most common cause
  • Genetically weak eyebrows
  • Alopecia
  • Scarring due to wounds, burns, or tattoos
  • Medical treatments using cytostatic medication, or radiation

People who have lost their brow hairs often use make-up to draw on their brows on a daily basis, or take more drastic measures by having their brows tattooed or micro-bladed. While some of these methods can produce “life-like” brows, they never look completely natural and all fade over time.

Why did we over pluck?

Like other trends in hair, make-up (remember body glitter?), and fashion, eyebrow trends come and go. The thin eyebrow trend of the 90’s and early 2000’s is thankfully far behind us, but the victims of the pencil-thin eyebrows look remain. Over plucking and waxing over and over again for years can damage the hair follicle, forever breaking the growth cycle resulting in hair loss.

Bold brows can be traced back to ancient Egypt, the pioneers of modern cosmetics. The ancient Egyptians darkened and shaped their brows to symbolize their god-like status on earth. In ancient Rome, the uni-brow was a highly sought after look for women. Unwed women defined their brows using charcoal, while married women wore a natural brow. Medieval courtesans shaved their brows to accent their beautiful foreheads.

Since then, eyebrow trends have been on a rollercoaster between two extremes: either heavy brows or pencil thin brows. The 1970’s 80’s favored a bold, heavy brow look, but in the 90’s through the early 2000’s the minimal brows made their return, leaving many people today over-tweezed and over plucked, the bold brow of their youth gone forever.

NeoGraft Eyebrow Transplant

Using the same technique as hair transplanted to parts of the scalp, it takes a skilled, experienced plastic surgeon to carry out this procedure. Hair is harvested from the donor area, usually back of the patient’s head, using pneumatic controls. Performed with local anesthesia, each hair follicle is extracted individually, allowing this procedure to be completed with precision and minimal discomfort. On average each eyebrow requires about 200 grafts, depending on the patient’s desires.

The success of the procedure depends more on the skill of the surgeon than on the technology employed, as each individual hair follicle must be inserted at precisely the right angle in order to achieve the patient’s desired look.

Each individual hair follicle is placed using the NeoGraft machines pneumatic pressure controls. Done using local anesthesia, the eyebrow transplant NeoGraft procedure is performed in two parts; the harvesting half then the follicle placement portion, and can take up to eight hours to complete.

Eyebrow Transplant Recovery

NeoGraft procedures are performed under local anesthesia. The day following an eyebrow transplant, patients can expect to wake up with swelling in the brow area and maybe in the eyes. Patients can prepare to treat the swelling at home with a cooling eye mask. Within a day or two the complete area of the brows begins to scab, and patients are wise to not pick at the scabs, as they may accidentally remove a transplanted follicle. After two weeks or so, the transplanted follicles all fall out, as they have reached the end of their life cycles. Within a month or two, brand new hairs begin to sprout, thanks to the “seeding” or transplanted hairs. On average, eyebrow transplant patients can expect to grow back anywhere between 90 – 98 percent of the transplanted follicles.

Life with New Brows

Transplanted hair does not grow exactly like eyebrow hair. At first, patients can expect the eyebrow hairs to stick straight up, projecting from the face. The new hair must be “trained” to lie flat against the face. This can be achieved using alcohol free gel and a gentle brow brush. Patients can also expect the new hair to grow much faster than before . Most patients do not find the trimming bothersome, especially when compared to the time they spent filling in their brows daily with pencils, powders, tints, and gels.

Cost of an Eyebrow Transplant

How much does this miracle of science cost? As with all cosmetic procedures, the cost varies depending on geographic location. At Jolie Plastic Surgery, NeoGraft procedures are charged per graft, and the cost covers every aspect of the procedure, including anesthesia, surgeon’s fees, and facility fees. Prices vary depending on the patients desires. Eyebrow transplants usually require anywhere from 100 – 400 follicles per eyebrow.

Considering an Eyebrow Transplant, Miami?

At Jolie we have seriously skilled plastic surgeons that perform NeoGraft procedures big and small. It takes precision, experience, and artistry to successfully transplant a hair follicle and have it take root. Performed as an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia, patients can return to their regular daily activities the next day, as long as they take care to stay out of the sun, and avoid overly-strenuous activity for a few days.

Grow your eyebrows back and never micro-blade, tattoo, tint, or paint on brows again! Wake up with your eyebrows in place, go swimming, and work out without ever worrying that your brow has wiped off. Eyebrow transplants allow patients to grow their eyebrows, with their own hair to achieve natural, long lasting results. Never THINK about your eyebrows again. To find out if a NeoGraft eyebrow transplant is right for you contact us and ask for a virtual consultation.

Disclaimer: Non Surgical Treatments, Diets, Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Results Can Vary Significantly Between Patients.