Hair Loss Miami

Hair is like plants that grow everywhere based on what’s underneath the skin. A protein called keratin is produced in the outer layers of the skin. As new cells are produced in the follicles, the old cells are pushed out through the skin surface. Each follicle has its life cycle therefore seeing a few hairs on your hairbrush everyday should not be a cause for alarm.

Hair loss Miami can be treated in a variety of ways with advanced procedures, depending on the cause. These modern techniques have proven to yield amazing results. You don’t have to suffer in silence or hide your condition with hats and accessories. Both men and women can receive treatment for hair loss Miami.

What causes hair loss?

Men tend to lose hair more often than women mainly caused by male pattern baldness. Nevertheless, hair loss and thinning hair can also occur in women. It’s generally due to vitamin deficiency or some underlying health condition. Some of the most common hair loss causes include:

  • Physical stress: Some physical trauma such as a car accident, surgery, the flu, a severe illness, etc. can lead to temporary hair loss.
  • Pregnancy: Pregnancy is a great example of physical stress that may be causing hair loss, that and hormone imbalance. Hair loss in pregnant women is generally more common after the baby has been delivered.
  • Having excess of vitamin A: This can also trigger hair loss according to the American Academy of Dermatology.
  • Lacking protein: Not having enough protein in your diet can shut down hair growth. Foods rich in protein include fish, eggs, and meat. For those who are vegetarian, there are great vegan protein sources such as green peas, beans, tofu, nuts, chickpeas, broccoli, quinoa, chia seeds, and unsweetened cocoa powder, among others.
  • Male pattern baldness: Statistics show that two out of three men experience hair loss by age 60. This is generally caused by pattern baldness, which is caused by a combination of genes and sex hormones.
  • Heredity: if you come from a family where both men and women lost hair at a certain age, chances are it’ll happen to you as well.
  • Emotional stress: This type of stress causes less hair loss than physical stress yet it’s possible experiencing hair loss due to emotional anxiety.
  • Anemia: Iron deficiency, the most common type of anemia, may cause hair loss. . A simply iron supplement should help with this problem.

Types of hair loss

Some of the types of hair loss include:

  • Involutional alopecia: This is very natural and it happens with age when hair gradually thins.
  • Androgenic alopecia: A genetic condition happening in both men and women. A receding hairline and hair gradually disappearing are common in this category of hair loss.
  • Alopecia areata: It occurs in children and young adults and may cause complete baldness.
hair loss causes
  • Alopecia universalis: Hair throughout the body falls out, including eyelashes, and eyebrows.
  • Trichotillomania: It’s most common in children, a psychological disorder where the person pulls his or her own hair.
  • Telogen effluvium: A temporary condition that occurs due to changes in the cycle of hair growth.
  • Scarring alopecias: A permanent hair loss caused by skin coditions such as acne, cellulitis, folliculitis, etc.

How to stop hair loss?

There are multiple ways to prevent hair loss. Some of the most important ones are:

  • Quitting smoking and avoiding direct sun exposure, especially at midday.
  • Dealing with dandruff: This is a contributing factor to hair loss.
  • Having a healthy diet: Hair needs the right nutrients to grow, especially food rich in proteins.
  • Caffeine: It can actually stimulate hair growth.
  • Less stress: Stress can lead to short-term hair loss causing spots of hair loss.

Non-surgical Hair loss products

There are effective hair loss treatments for some specific types of hair loss. Conditions such as patchy alopecia allow for hair to regrow within a year. Treatments for hair restoration include medications used to reduce inflammation and help with your immune system. The two medications FDA approved to treat hair loss are:

  • Minoxidil (Rogaine): This is an over-the counter foam or liquid to rub on your scalp in order to prevent hair loss. This hair loss treatment or medication needs to be applied twice a day and give it about 16 weeks for the effects to peek. There may be some side effects such as tachycardia, unwanted hair growth, and scalp irritation.
  • Finasteride (Propecia): This prescription drug is a pill and an efficient hair loss cure available only to men. Many patients report a slowing of hair growth and in some cases hair may also grow back. This pills needs to be taken regularly in order to retain its benefits.

Surgical Options for Hair Loss Miami

Hair Loss Miami

The techniques employed on hair restoration have evolved over time bringing in some new advances in this sought-after procedure. Among the most advance techniques we find follicular unit extraction, follicular unit micro grafting, and follicular unit transplantation, which have made hair transplantation in Miami a great option to treat hair loss these days. Hair transplant is done from the back of the scalp and then is transplanted into the balding areas. Transplanted hair cannot come from another individual, except between identical twins who have the same genetic makeup. This procedure must be performed with the best hair transplant doctors in Miami in order to yield maximum results.

Jolie Plastic Surgery employs one of the latest techniques in this field called FUE transplant (Follicular Unit Extraction). This is a ground-breaking method, which offers more benefits than the previous ones. It takes less time to be performed, it’s not painful, there is no scarring, and recovery is comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hair Loss Miami

Can hair loss lead to baldness?
Not necessarily. Individuals who have Male Pattern Baldness are the ones who can have hair loss that may cause baldness. Remember baldness is a combination of aging, hormone imbalance, and heredity.
Is hair loss the same as baldness?
No, it’s not. Baldness will cause the loss of the hair root so there is no possibility of hair growth. With alopecia areata there is always a chance to grow hair again.
How to find a good hair loss doctor?
The best thing to do is consulting a hair specialist Miami. The specialist can help you find out the causes of hair loss and tell you which options may work best for you. Certified physicians with knowledge and experience with Follicular Hair Extraction (FUE) are best. They will be able to provide expert answers on the topic.
Do non-surgical hair replacement options work?
It all depends on the individual’s level of baldness and how full he/she desires the hair to beIt all depends on what’s causing the hair loss. Reducing stress levels, treating any illnesses you may have or vitamin deficiencies can help hair grow back again. Nevertheless, hair loss due to alopecia will not disappear with non-surgical techniques.
Is there anything I can do to stop losing hair?
The most effective methods to prevent hair loss will actually depend on the root cause. Changing your lifestyle will definitely help together with hair loss solutions, and some drugs such as Minoxidil and Finasteride. Some people may find success using laser combs and/or laser therapy.
Updated on: October 21st, 2016

Disclaimer: Non Surgical Treatments, Diets, Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Results Can Vary Significantly Between Patients.