It has not happened to you, that you have seen yourself in the mirror and your profile is not the same as before. You have lost or gained weight, your body has changed and among so many details the one that stands out is the inevitable change of time on your face.

With the passage of time the skin becomes flaccid and if we do not help and gain weight sometimes we get a double chin that we do not know how to fix. To get rid of that terrible double chin we have Kybella Miami a new drug approved by the FDA.

In this article, we will talk to you about the Kybella. At Jolie Plastic Surgery we want you to know the details of this treatment. What it is, how it works, what the contraindications are, the ideal candidates, the doctors who are trained to apply this method, its price and much more.

What is kybella?

Kybella is a new injectable compound that is used to burn the fat that is on the chin. It is a patented synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, a molecule that occurs naturally and that helps in the metabolism of fat.

Kybella Miami is a prescription medication used only in adults to improve the appearance of fat under the chin.

How does Kybella work?

Kybella Miami is the first non-surgical treatment approved by the FDA to solve the double chin. Before Kybella's approval, people with double chins could only undergo liposuction or surgery, much more invasive and more expensive procedures as well.

How is it possible that this medicine causes such an effective result? Kybella, when injected into a tissue, destroys that cell membrane. Thus, when the Kybella is injected into the jowl, what it does is destroy the fat cells that form it.

Benefits of Kybella injections

Kybella is a non-invasive treatment and that is one of the greatest benefits it has.

Before people who wanted to eliminate their jowls had to undergo a liposuction or undergo surgery. These procedures took more time, not only in the surgery but also in recovery.

Another important factor to keep in mind is that when you do a Kybella treatment Miami, the result is permanent; what it means is it does not need maintenance or retouching since the destruction of the fat cells is permanent.

In addition to the physical benefit, when you see that a treatment like this can be successful and you look in the mirror and see that your profile has returned to the way it was before, you gain confidence and confidence.

At this time, a patient who wants to fix his double chin, should not worry about the recovery time, it is minimal. Complications during the procedure are not common at all, and the result of this new product is great. You just have to make sure that whoever administers it is a qualified and qualified specialist, like the ones we have at Jolie Plastic Surgery.

kybella injections in Miami

Candidate for Kybella treatment

Who can choose Kybella's treatment? Someone who is over 18, for example.

If you want to improve the appearance of your sub-mental fat deposits, this is the treatment you are looking for. But attentive because there are some issues to consider:

  • There are people who have jowls as a result of enlarged thyroid glands and not due to fat.
  • If you have any infection in the treatment area, you should not do it.
  • You have to be careful with the medications and vitamins you are taking.
  • If your skin is excessive under the chin, you will not be a good candidate.
  • If you have done some other aesthetic procedure in that area, you should consider it with your doctor.

For these and other factors, is that we always recommend that people who are interested in the treatment of Kybella Miami, call us and separate that first free consultation, which we provide here.

At Jolie Plastic Surgery we have qualified doctors who will make a thorough and detailed evaluation. They will be able to explain to you with more clarity the advantages and disadvantages that this novel product has brought to the market of cosmetic surgery.

Kybella Miami for double chin treatment

Throughout Kybella's treatment in Miami, people will receive several sessions. Sessions that can be from four to six treatments, and with intervals of not less than a month apart. In each consultation that will take approximately 30 minutes the patient will receive the injections of the medication.

According to the evaluation of the specialist, people may require up to 50 injections in the chin area. But do not worry if you are one of those who are a little afraid of needles. Topical anesthetic medicine and local anesthetics will make the procedure more comfortable.

According to Dr. Amy G. Egan. From the FDA:

“It is important to remember that Kybella is only approved for the treatment of fat occurring below the chin, and it is not known if Kybella is safe or effective for treatment outside of this area.”

Kybella side effects and risks

Like all aesthetic procedures, this Kybella treatment can have some adverse effects that are mentioned here:

  • Uneven smile
  • Weakness in the facial muscles
  • Difficulty to swallow
  • Swelling, bruising
  • Pain, numbness
  • Redness and areas of hardness in the treated region

According to the FDA

“Treatment with Kybella should only be provided by a licensed health care professional, and patients should fully understand the risks associated with use of the drug before considering treatment,”

It is always important to point out that although these unwanted effects exist, there are fewer risks when the patient follows all the doctor's instructions.

How long does Kybella last?

The treatment of Kybella Miami is not short: Patients can receive between 40 and 50 injections, which will be distributed in approximately 4 to 6 sessions, with a separation of one month, between each of them.

Each session is half an hour and patients can return to their daily activity one day after treatment.

Kybella's method is permanent. Once you submit to the treatment you do not need touch-ups; since the destruction of fat cells is forever.

How much does Kybella cost?

The price of a cosmetic procedure is always difficult to determine because it will depend on many factors. In the case of Kybella, it depends on how many sessions the patient will have to be given. The area where the treatment is performed, the specialist's fees and others. But if we had to give an approximate figure we would say that the average cost is 1300 dollars.

At Jolie Plastic Surgery we know that people sometimes have problems paying this amount and need payment facilities; so we have options at your disposal.

  • Care Credit. This plan is a great benefit for patients, they only need to be reprobated.
  • Law Away Plan. With this financing plan, you will have to deposit 500 dollars and then pay minimum installments without any interest.

Request a consultation at Jolie Plastic Surgery for Kybella treatment

If you have that double chin that you do not like. It bothers and pretends to be older, and to have more weight than he really has; do not think more. Call Jolie Plastic Surgery and ask about Kybella treatment. Our first consultation is free.

If you need to know more details about this treatment that does not need retouching, and that our specialists perform in a highly qualified way, contact now and do not leave it for later.

From the first consultation, you will feel confident and you will have all the information you are looking for and more.


When will I see the results after Kybella's injections?

The fat dissolves within 10-15 minutes of the injection, however, it induces an inflammatory response that causes swelling that takes approximately 3-4 weeks to disappear. Bruising and redness tend to be minor and are easily covered with makeup. You will not see the result of a treatment for at least 4 weeks after the injection due to the swelling.

How many rounds of Kybella's treatment do I need to see the result?

In Jolie Plastic Surgery the majority of patients who have undergone Kybella's treatment have required at least 2 rounds of treatment to reach a remarkable result and with that, they have felt happy and satisfied. In each of these rounds, a similar but often milder process of bruising, redness and swelling occurs, but tend to be milder in each subsequent round.

How is the recovery of Kybella injections Miami?

First of all, some pain is experienced, starting approximately in the middle of the injections, but this pain becomes very tolerable with the medication that was taken previously and that the doctor indicates.

Then, you experience swelling, which can become huge if there is a lot of fat, and that tends to disappear largely 48 hours after the procedure.

When you inject yourself, does Kybella lose sensation in her chin?

Often, patients feel some numbness in the treated area, which disappears after 2 months.

They often have touch sensitivity in the area (but only when the area is touched) during the first month, which is not serious enough to interfere with daily life and work.

Doctor, what will I feel in the first hours, after a Kybella injection?

You can expect some mild discomfort during the first few hours, this should not stop you from working. It is very different from BOTOX or fillers. This procedure of Kybella in Miami is actively destroying fat cells. It creates inflammation (temporary swelling). The first time you have the treatment you will be more inflamed. In general, the amount of swelling decreases with subsequent treatments.

How much does a Kybella treatment cost?

The cost varies according to the area of the country and the experience of the specialists. I would say that an average is $ 1300 per treatment. Most people need 2 treatments, and sometimes 3 or 4.

Does this Kybella treatment really work?

Yes, Kybella really works. Each patient with double chin will see a significant reduction of that fat without surgery. Recovery after treatment with Kybella is much quicker and easier than with liposuction. Therefore, there are many patients who are satisfied with the procedure and do not care about the subsequent effects.

I'm afraid of the after effects, what happens more often?

After the procedure, the primary side effect you will notice is swelling. This can be noticed for only two days or up to three weeks and is higher in those with higher volumes of treated fat and higher doses. Older patients, with more laxity of the skin, will feel that inflammation takes longer to resolve than those with younger and/or tighter skin.

Is it obligatory to have so many treatments and so many injections each?

The treatment can be modified if this is a problem for you, in the sense that you can acquire smaller doses and more treatments.

I have found that spacing treatments from 5 to 6 weeks are ideal, although when the procedure was introduced, one treatment was recommended every four weeks. By waiting a little longer, you will see the results of the first or previous treatment more fully. Some patients may decide that they do not need to do anything else.

Would be better to get Kybella's treatment Miami for a weekend, so that the curious on the job do not bother?

Anyone who is concerned about their postoperative appearance may choose to receive treatment on a Friday and may wear a high-collared blouse or scarf.

Staying at home after work is up to you, at Jolie Plastic Surgery we assure you that it is not necessary for medical reasons, and we would only advise you if you definitely do not want to answer any question from your most insightful colleagues, that you cover yourself well or that definitely take two days, with that will be more than enough.

Is it true that Kybella's treatment Miami lasts for life?

The results are permanent: once the adipocytes (fat cells) die, they do not grow back. The remaining cells will become larger when you gain weight and smaller when you lose weight, as well as all the fat cells in your body. Because there are fewer cells to grow in the treated area, the amount of fat will not increase if you gain weight.

Updated on: November 15, 2017

Disclaimer: Non Surgical Treatments, Diets, Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Results Can Vary Significantly Between Patients.