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Almost everyone in the world has at least, 1 pigmented lesion. These lesions come about as a result of aging, or sun damage. Other lesions simply appear because the patient has a congenital disposition to develop them. Regardless, these lesions simply mean that the patients have a higher concentration of melanin in that spot. Melanin gives humans their bodily pigmentation. When exposed to the sun, the body has to produce more melanin to protect the body from UV rays. Over production gives humans overly red cheeks, sunspots or freckles.


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This technique uses lasers to remove pigmentation. Laser Pigmented Lesion Removal serves as a nonsurgical alternative to treat high pigmented sections in the face. Since it uses lasers, the doctor does not need to add any numbing injections or gels to the treated area. The doctor exposes the treated area to high pulses of light, using a VP hand piece. This causes the temperature to rise in the area. With enough intensity, the laser can shatter the cells containing the excess of melanin. The body then replaces them with new cells that contain regular amounts of melanin. This same procedure can be used to remove freckles and age spots. It can also be used to remove brown birth marks. This nonsurgical procedure costs $300 per treatment.

Advantages of Laser Pigmentation Removal Miami

Laser Pigmented Lesion Removal can be done in 15-45 minutes. The time depends greatly on how many areas a patient wishes to get treated. It serves as an effective nonsurgical treatment for pigmented lesions. The technique has no recovery period. The patients do not need to take any extra measures to protect their skin. It also has no recorded side effects. Laser Pigmented Lesion Removal works perfectly 100% of the time. This treatment works on any kind of skin.

Ideal Candidate for Laser Pigmentation Removal Miami

Any person, regardless of age can get a Laser Pigmented Lesion Removal. As usual, the FDA recommends that no elective surgical or non-surgical procedure be done on patients 18 years or older.

It can also be done safely on patients who smoke or drink. Before getting this procedure, patients should make certain they do not have any serious skin condition. All patients should be relatively in good health. Patients must remember that this cosmetic procedure cannot be used to treat cancers. For that reason, patients should get a biopsy for any suspicious spots, to make certain they do not have any cancerous cells.

Updated on: October 21st, 2016

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