Massage Therapist at Jolie Plastic Surgery Miami

Post-operative massage therapy is one of the most important factors that patients should be aware after a plastic surgery. The massage therapists are the set of maneuvers or manipulations in Jolie Plastic Surgery by our professional masseurs with their own hands and with the necessary equipment in body parts having a therapist so crucial to achieve their goals and for a speedy recovery.

Jolie Plastic Surgery Center located in Miami, where you have the best team of masseur’s ideals postoperative massage that you need for your body to recover at the shortest possible time and completely, being able to wear the desired body.

After a plastic surgery like liposuction the body is exposed to physical abuse in the joints, muscles and tissues, so in our post-operative Jolie Plastic Surgery Florida masseurs use the best techniques and equipment massage therapy for postoperative recovery accelerating and eliminate or reduce pain or inflammation product that occur after surgery, healing time is much less bruising disappear in less time, reduces pain, improves the circulatory system and increases the hydration of the skin and tissues and this allows:

  • Our masseuses develop manual lymphatic drainage, massage technique that allows opening near the surgery site ganglia. This technique allows the excess fluid to be drained more easily.
  • Apply ultrasound, which are the latest technology equipment through the waves that this equipment helps drainage and reduces swelling and pain.
  • Also perform lipo laser Miami as the light emitted by the laser helps to reduce pain and ordered collagen fibers to help proper healing.

Who are our Massage Therapist?