Mentor Saline Implants

MENTOR® Saline® Implants

Mentor Saline Implants consist of a saltwater solution which is a completely sterile fluid similar to that which makes up a majority of the body. During a breast augmentation, the saline implants are inserted without any fluid. After the empty implant has been placed in the proper position, it is filled to the size in which the patient and doctor previously decided. Once the implant is filled and the connected filling tube is detached, it will automatically seal preventing any leakage. In order to provide variety to a wide set of patients, MENTOR® implants come either with a smooth surface shell or a textured shell, and are available in various sizes, profiles and shapes to fit one's body.

Mentor is currently the only breast implant manufacturer in the U.S. to carry saline breast implants.

Round Breast Implants

Mentor’s round breast implants come in three different profile styles: moderate, moderate plus and high profile. Mentor became the first breast implant company in the industry to offer a higher profile saline implant that is approved.

Shaped Saline Breast Implants

Mentors shaped saline breast implants were designed to recreate and reshape a woman's breast creating a more natural looking teardrop outline mimicking the appearance of a natural breast. Women who seek a gently sloped shape on their breasts rather than a round shape, prefer Mentor’s shaped saline implants. Mentor offers CONTOUR PROFILE® Saline Implants in the moderate profile or high profile.

SPECTRUM® Saline Implants Post-operatively Adjustable Breast Implants

At times, women are not satisfied with the size of their breasts after their augmentation which is why Mentor created MENTOR® SPECTRUM® Expanders/breast implants. These breast implants are currently the only saline implants in the industry that can be adjusted after your breast augmentation. This style allows your plastic surgeon to adjust the size of your breast implant by either adding or removing the sterile saltwater solution for up to six months after your surgery. This style is available in round or contour.

Saline Breast Implants

  • Have been approved by the FDA
  • Are made in the U.S.
  • Are filled with a sterile salt water solution almost identical to the water fluid in the body
  • Moderately firmer than silicone gel implants
  • Amount of solution and volume of implant can be adjusted during the procedure
  • Three profile options: moderate, moderate plus and high profile
  • Smooth or textured shell surface
  • Limited Warranty and Lifetime Replacement available

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