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Permanent Makeup Miami, Advantages, Durability, Questions and Answers

If you are exhausted of making yourself up almost every day, there may be a solution for you. It is true that permanent makeup is has to do with the use of a pigment inside the skin, but it is not considered to be a simple tattoo. It is more than that, it is the skill, the good taste and the experience that helps you to acquire this duration and natural aspect in your eyebrows. It is also performed in the lips, in the outline of the eyelids, and it serves to conceal these scars.

It allows you to make very fine lines, which only a professional who does permanent makeup could paint the fine lines around the eyes or the mouth.

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Many women who use abuse, this technique requires very good taste so it can come out well, it is not as easy as it looks and this is the reason why very few use this technique properly, and prevent doing the permanent makeup.

The safety behind the Permanent Makeup

All women want to do have permanent makeup done to themselves, but not everyone can have them, these are some restrictions that do not allow to do to you this procedure that is so ethical.

  • Age most recommended to do it is from the age of 18 and you need authorization of parents or guardians.
  • For adolescents, it is advisable to make only a shading in the lines of the eyes.
  • The people who heal in the form of keloid is not recommended permanent makeup.
  • It can not be done on moles, warts, or freckles.
  • Cannot be performed during pregnancy.
  • If you suffer from a disease such as hepatitis or diabetes.
  • Or if you are on chemotherapy treatments or with anticoagulants.

Different parts where Permanent Makeup can be done:

  • Permanent makeup in the upper and lower eyelid: It is used to create a sensitive issue and fix a line and to delineate.
  • Permanent makeup in the eyebrows: It is used by people who have lost the facial hair, to conceal a few completely uninhabited eyebrows.
  • Permanent Makeup for the lips: Used by people that you don't like the appearance of their lips. Permanent makeup gives them more defined fleshy lips, and you are able to choose the tone that you want or that you combine with your favorite lipstick or a neutral shade.

How is the Permanent Makeup applied?

The delineated permanent is also known as micropigmentation, where they apply specific pigments in the skin with the help of a very thin needle. This feeling is not exactly like going to a spa to give you a massage, but it's not painful. It may be irritating and cause some swelling, but this lasts very short amount of time and does not require that you be locked in your house or require rest, it is similar to getting a tattoo. This procedure is performed under strict conditions of hygiene and will be done in at least 1 hour (this is not with accuracy). It is also recommended that you would do cold compresses for the first few days.

The most important is that the treatment is performed by a professional with experience and a good recognized place.

Duration of Permanent Makeup

The duration depends on the type of skin and the care that you maintain, but normally approximately five years, perhaps it may last a little more. The most advisable thing is that you do your maintenance when the colors has been absorbed, you will realize when you are ready for a color renewal.

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Benefits of Permanent Makeup

There are many women who would have wished that this method had always existed, because life becomes more simple and easy to make up and look absolutely natural, without putting on bad makeup, a bad make-up artist, loss of time, money, etc.

Permanent makeup embellishes, makes it look better, more fine, rejuvenates, raises self-esteem, and preserves the skin. Due to the fact that there are sometimes sometimes the daily makeup application gives you an allergic reaction, this allows the woman to be presentable at any time of the day, whether day or night. It is ideal for people who do not know or who do not have the ability to wear makeup daily, you don't have to worry about smudging makeup, hide imperfections and you save money in eyeliner and lip, etc.

After the treatment

  • If forms a scab, do not remove it, you must let it fall of naturally
  • Keep that area moisturized, to keep it moist.
  • Do not sunbathe for the following 7 days after the procedure.
  • Not visit for approximately 15 days to the pool or to the beach.
  • You can not drink alcoholic drinks for at least 3 days.


Generally women are amazed by the fine and beautiful thing that can be done with this treatment. It is always done by expert hands, performing with health and demanding an environment totally hygienic and proper at all times. It is recommended that treatment is applied on the skin and is completely permanent and for that we need to be sure that the pigments are of greater quality, so that there is no infection. It is important to allso keep in mind that the beautician has the experience and the track record required to perform this procedure.

The place is what matters

If you decide to make the decision to proceed with this beautiful treatment, do not opt for very cheap sites, because they are not very good. Most importantly is somewhere safe, reliable, serious, trustworthy. Do not rely only on web pages or photos, check that all the papers are in rules, that is a place where tranquility and security to carry it out. It is best to talk with people who have already done this same procedure.

Do not make hasty decisions, it may be good to look at the pros and cons, that you take advice and feel yourself completely safe when deciding if to use permanent makeup.

Cost of Permanent Makeup Miami

The cost of permanent makeup treatment depends on the area where it is made, Eyebrows: $250, Line the eyes: $150 x each, Lips: $250. Jolie Plastic Surgery offers financing packages for these treatments.

Frequently asked Questions and Answers of permanent makeup

Why can the pigment of the makeup move?
Because there is a big delicacy in the capillary area of the eyes.
Would the permanent makeup for someone who already has it be more expensive?
Yes, since you have to make additional work, must correct the shape and color.
The pigment is running, is there a solution?
If, after seven days or two weeks, there could be correctors to visualize watered pigment. There are very few the case in which this problem occurs.
¿How long does it take to heal?
The injection of ink on the skin will leave you bleeding but will disappear the same day, the scars that are left, will heal in a couple of days.
Can you apply makeup over it?
The idea is to reduce the time that you lost when it comes to makeup, but it is possible to add any effect with more makeup.
Is it very painful?
No, but general anesthesia is not used, only applies a local anesthetic above the skin, to numb the area before the procedure, and so the patient will not feel anything.
What happens if I do not like the procedure, and I have it done?
While the procedure is considered permanent, they have flexibility in the change of colors in some extent. The colors will be dark, but after the procedure they will soften and lighten. The healing process lasts about a week.
Updated on: October 21st, 2016

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