Plastic Surgery Procedures Miami

Welcome to Jolie Plastic Surgery Miami. We are the most comprehensive cosmetic surgery center in South Florida. Jolie Miami also has the best treatments for patients in Hialeah, Plantation, Monroe County specifically in Key West, Key Largo, Key Colony Beach, Key Layton, Marathon and Islamorada. We offer the widest variety of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in the state, among others:

Jolie Plastic Surgery is one of the top cosmetic surgery centers in South Florida with the most TUBA implants performed in the United States; this plastic surgery does not leave scars and it is executed through the navel. We guarantee that all our surgeries are performed by a specialized anesthesiologist team and experienced plastic surgeons, to provide clinical services to the highest quality standards.

We also offer non-surgical treatments such as: varicose vein treatment, the latest laser treatment for hair removal system on the market, 100% guaranteed, painless and with lasting results. As well as, cavitation treatments or lipo-cavitation, post-surgical massage with radio frequency.

At Jolie Florida, our plastic surgeons are focused on your satisfaction and always ready to help. We have 8 surgical rooms in a center with more than 15 thousand square feet; all of this equipped with Medical Technology.

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We have some of the best plastic surgeons in Miami with credentials from prestigious universities. Jolie Plastic Surgery offers the best plastic surgery procedures for women and man of all ages. Our best plastic surgeons have performed the most popular cosmetic surgeries and, newest plastic surgery procedures Miami like for instance, breast augmentation, breast reduction, eyelid surgery and many other procedures. Our plastic surgeons are able to deliver the best results in procedures performed on both men and women.

The fact that we have a great team of plastic surgeons in Mami and they are available for you in our convenient location that makes Jolie Plastic Surgery the right choice for your next surgery.

Our Surgeons are able to correct or restore the form and improve the appearance of many common parts of the body through plastic and reconstructive surgery Miami. We will work with you depending on what is the part of your body you want to perfect. Jolie Plastic Surgery Miami offers procedures with the sole purpose of transforming body sites and improving the person’s appearance and self-esteem. A cosmetic surgery is always a personal decision; therefore having positive and realistic expectations proves essential to the desired outcome. Some statistics showed that in 2006, almost 11 million cosmetic surgeries were done in the United States alone; this number has increased dramatically by 50 %. The top five most performed cosmetic surgeries are breast implants, liposuction, nasal surgery, eyelid surgery, and tummy tuck. Nineteen of the total of all cosmetic procedures are surgical. According to some studies in 2010, there were 9,336,814 plastic surgery procedures in the United States and of those 1,622,290 were surgical.

Our Miami plastic surgery location is equipped with the latest technological advances in the field and also with the must trained and experienced surgeons in Florida. We have helped patient from all over the world and there is assurance that with us you will be in safe hands. The first step after you have decided to go through a plastic surgery procedure is to choose which area(s) you would like correct. Common areas in which plastic surgery are performed are the face, breast and body.

Our most common Plastic Surgery Procedures Miami

earlobe surgery miami

Earlobe Repair

At Jolie, an earlobe surgery is a plastic surgery procedure done with local anesthesia. However, patients may request a sedative for ear plastic surgery. The earlobe tear is repaired by either a straight or a zigzag line to camouflage the scars. Some patients may need injectable fillers to make their ears thicker and more resistant to future tear. Patients may return to work after the earlobe laceration repair. After the healing process our plastic surgeons Miami may re-pierce the ear if the patient desires it.

In some patients, our plastic surgeons may be able to re-pierce the ear right after the procedure. Others need to wait at least three months before trying to get their ears pierced. This plastic surgery procedure has some minor complications like excessive scar formation, infection, notching, and recurrence. Usually, the insurance company would cover earlobe reconstruction. The earlobe repair plastic surgery Miami costs around $350 to $1200.

keloid removal surgery

Keloid Removal

Keloids usually appear behind the ears. However, the Keloids may also appear in the lips and spot where the ear got pierced. The Keloids usually have a shiny, smooth pink, purple or brown color. This fat inflammation comes about as a result of a surgical incision, ear piercings or other skin traumas.

Usually, the body produces enough new tissue to heal a wound. When the body overproduces tissues an inflammation may occurs. This leads to an overabundance of protein and collagen. These growths cause discomfort for the patients, as well itchiness and irritation. Some patients, like Asians and Africans, have a genetic predisposition to develop these Keloids. For them, Keloids tend to reappear.

The patients may return to work after the procedure. The sutures get removed after 5 to 7 days. To prevent new Keloids incidents, the doctor injects the patients with Steroids. They may use other techniques like silicone sheeting and compression therapy. Keloids removal plastic surgery at Jolie Miami costs $75-$200.


Otoplasty Miami

Otoplasty Miami covers a wide range of plastic surgery procedures Miami. In essence, it's a reconstruction of the ear. This plastic surgery procedure can be done to anyone, regardless of age. Otoplasty Florida procedures can be done by either surgical or non-surgical methods. It can also be done for either cosmetic or corrective purposes.

The Otoplasty procedure usually takes an hour. Our plastic surgeons use local anesthesia for most operations. On children, the plastic surgeon adds a mild sedative to make the fidgety child sleep through the procedure. The incisions usually get done in the exterior part of the ears. The sutures cannot be seen by the naked eyes, since they get placed beneath the skin which leaves no visible scar.

Otoplasty surgery in Jolie Miami costs $1700- $7000. The price may be higher for complete reconstructive surgeries. The nonsurgical methods are cheaper and they sell for as low as $500. Usually, insurance may cover corrective Otoplasty procedures.


Blepharoplasty / Eyelid Surgery Miami

Blepharoplasty or eyelid cosmetic surgery is performed on patients of both sexes. It can improve the overall appearance of the upper and lower eyelids. It also gives you a youthful look. This cosmetic surgery also makes the patient seem more wakeful and alert.

A good candidate for this operation would be a nonsmoker, with an overall good health and no serious eye conditions. Patients with glaucoma, cardiovascular disease or with a Thyroid disorders should talk with their doctors before undergoing an eyelid surgery.

The recovery period for an eyelid surgery Miami usually lasts for two weeks. After the first 10 days, the patient may remove the bandages. They may experience a bit of swelling. This Blepharoplasty Miami swelling goes away after the end of the second week. This cosmetic surgery Miami has its own risk worth mentioning. When performed wrong, the patient may not be able to close his eyes. The patient may also suffer from double vision, dry eyes or loss of eyesight. For this reason, Jolie Miami and their cosmetic surgeons Miami recommends that this eyelid surgery be performed by a blepharoplasty surgeon in Jolie Miami.

Usually, the insurance will cover upper eyelid surgery when it obstructs vision. Eyelid surgery costs depend on how many parts of the eyes may require this operation. The average Blepharoplasty cost In Jolie Miami is from $1900 to $5000.

Facelift Miami, Hialeah and Broward

Face Lift

Gravity will naturally cause the skin on the human face to hang loosely. In order to deal with this problem, our cosmetic surgeons in Miami will replace the subcutaneous tissue. This replacement gives the patient a younger looking face. Both men and women usually seek out a facelift. Both kinds of patients should have a clean bill of health. Smokers must stop, for at least a month, before undergoing a facelift surgery. According to statistics, the demand for facelift has increased as the years passed.

The face lift Miami operation usually gets done on the forehead lift Miami, upper and lower eyelids, the mid face, lower face and neck. In order for the results to last longer, our cosmetic surgery experts recommend that patients apply sunblock on their face, when going to the beach since the sun tends to dry and crack the skin.

Patients must remember a facelift cannot be done without plastic surgery. Still, patients may choose to have a liquid facelift using silicone injections. Patients may also get a PRP facelift. This facelift uses the patient’s own blood to create an injectable gel that lift the face. On the day of the surgery, patients may choose between local and general anesthesia. The recovery period usually last from 3 to four months. The more procedures performed on the patient, the longer their recovery period will be. Patients who want a quick facelift may get a lunchtime face lift Florida. This facelift uses threads placed bellow the skin to literally pull up the saggy skin.



Rhinoplasty means changing the shape of the nose. It mainly serves as a cosmetic corrective surgery. A nose job can also correct breathing problems. This cosmetic surgery can also correct nasal asymmetry or enlarge nostrils or deformities due to nose injuries. This is a very popular procedure and one of the most frequently done in Jolie Miami

Plastic surgeons molds or removes the cartilage to give the patient the desired nose job. When it comes to nose reconstruction, our plastic surgeons may place facial tissue over a frame. This gives the patient a natural looking nose. The incisions created during the Rhinoplasty Miami usually cannot be seen. This popular cosmetic procedure may be done with either an open or closed wound. Sometimes, the nose may be corrected without needing extensive surgery.

People who get a nose job take some risk such as: hematomas, persistent pain or changes in skin sensations. Usually, the insurance will cover nose reconstructive surgery. They will not cover Rhinoplasty cosmetic surgery though. Normally at Jolie Plastic Surgery Miami a Rhinoplasty costs from $3000 to 7000.

brow lift-miami-hialeah-broward

Brow Lift Surgery

Brow Lift surgery, also known as forehead reduction, has become rather popular at Jolie Miami. As the years pass, facial expressions can add wrinkles and worry lines to the face. Gravity also helps to add more lines to the patient’s brow. A brow lift helps remove these lines and creases painted on the patient’s forehead.

At Jolie Miami, an endoscopic facelift gets done far more often. In this face lift, the cosmetic surgeon makes small incisions on the hair line. From beneath the skin, the doctor will pull up the saggy muscles and skins that make the frown appear on the patient’s face. Patients may notice the final results soon after the plastic surgery. The recovery time for this procedure usually lasts up to 9 months.

During the recovery period, our cosmetic surgeons recommend patients to place cold compress over the surgical wounds. A forehead lift has a short list of complications as well. The most common include bruising or swelling. Most forehead Lift in Jolie Miami costs $5000-$11000.


Hair Transplant

For many decades men have sought a cure for their baldness. Usually, hairs starts falling off due to poor circulation to the scalp, lack of certain vitamins and needlessly wearing hats. Hair loss can also come about as a result of aging, changes in hormones or heredity. At Jolie Miami a hair transplant serves as a simple reasonable solution for this problem.

Basically, the hair transplant Florida takes hair from the donor’s area. The donor’s area can be found in the scalp of the patient. Hair from the scalp can also be added to the eyelashes, eyebrows, chest hair, and pubic hair. It can also be used to refill scars or burn marks. This process transforms the hairs of the donor’s area in a way that matches the look of the transplant region.

During the hair transplant plantation, some patients may suffer from hemorrhages or infections. Depending on the method, hair transplants at Jolie Miami may cost $7000-$11000. Hair cloning, for example, costs up to $20000. Typically, the insurance will only cover certain hair transplant techniques.


Breast Augmentation Miami

Breast Augmentation Surgery has become a popular cosmetic surgery for women. Women who desire large beast simply get a Silicone or a Saline breast implants. Silicone breast lift Miami tend to feel firmer and more natural. Saline breast implants solutions feel a bit watered down, except when placed beneath the pectoral muscles. Saline solution serves as a cheap alternative for women who cannot afford Silicone implants. Unlike Silicone implants, Saline implants also dissolve into the body when they pop. This makes them safer than Silicone implants.

Ideally, only healthy women, 18 years or older, should get breast implants. It has been reported that women as young as 15 get implants. However, our plastic surgeons would not perform before and after breast augmentation on a pubescent girl. Our top plastic surgeons would also not recommend best breast implants for women undergoing radio therapy, nor for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers.

For the most part, the recovery period lasts a few months. During that period, women should handle their new breasts with care. They must also take some time off work, during their recovery period. Breast augmentation costs from $3,500 to $10,000. Silicone breast implants can cost from $800 to $2,000 more than Saline breast implants. The insurance rarely pays for breast implants. They only make an exception when dealing with breast reconstruction surgeries, as a result of cancer.


Breast Lift Florida

The sagginess of the breast due to gravity or breast feeding can only be corrected via a breast lift Miami. Breast Lift surgery can be done on any woman who has saggy breasts.

This procedure raises the breasts and makes them firmer. In this procedure, the plastic surgeon removes excess fatty tissues and skin. This popularly performed plastic surgery also moves the areola further up the breast and decreases its size.

Breast lift can be done in three different fashions. It all depends on how much of a breast lift the patient may need. In a typical breast lift, they only remove skin or fatty tissues. With breast reduction, the breast tissue gets removed. Some patients prefer to combine breast lift with breast augmentation. Depending on the kind of surgery, patients may need local or general anesthesia. The breast lift plastic surgery usually lasts 2 to 3 hours. For smaller lifts, the surgery may only take 1 hour.

After the operation, patients must spend 2 to 3 months recovering. However, they may return to work after one month. A standard breast lift surgery costs from $5000 to $8000. When combined with other procedures the breast enlargement price may cost as much as $15000.


Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery can help cure any back problems women may be experiencing due to the weight in her breasts. These women usually suffer from macromastia or gigantomastia.

The benefits of a breast reduction surgery tend to be durable. Women with good collagen might not need a breast lift, until 20 years have passed. For older patients, they might need a breast lift after 7 years. Each breast reduction technique depends on the patient. Some may need a larger breast reduction, than others.

Breast reduction surgery does not have risks and complications. The most common breast reduction side effects include changes in sensation, inflammation, swelling or persistent pain. Patients undergoing this procedure should have a clean bill of health. If they smoke, they should stop smoking for at least a month prior to surgery. After the surgery, patients should avoid putting needless pressure on their breast. The recovery period lasts from 2 to 3 months. Patients may return to work after the first three weeks of recovery. Insurances might cover a breast reduction surgery. At Jolie Plastic Surgery Miami breast reduction prices range from $3000 to $8000. A breast reduction and lift might cost $7500.


Transumbilical Breast Augmentation

Transumbilical Breast Augmentation has become a house specialty at Jolie Plastic Surgery Florida. Dr. Anthony Hasan has performed more than 20,000 successful TUBA surgeries, throughout his 20 year career. Jolie also performs the most TUBA surgeries in all of Florida. The TUBA surgery can be done in less than 40 minutes. It produces only one tiny scar in the belly button. The patient usually recovers after two weeks. Women who want a moderate breast implant usually seek out a TUBA surgery.

Still, patients get a lot of benefits from TUBA plastic surgery. With a TUBA implant, patients rarely experience any bleeding complications. They have only a 1% chance to lose sensitivity to their breast. At worst, they may end up with asymmetrical breasts. The patient may return to her normal activities, 2 days after the operation.

Also, it is better implants bellow the pectoral muscles, which creates a muscle bra for the implants. While they remain there, the implants will never sag… even if the rest of the breast goes downhill. At Jolie Plastic Surgery, the TUBA surgery with saline implants cost $4000, with silicone implants, it costs $5700. The insurance typically would not cover any type of breast enlargement.


Brazilian Butt Lift Florida

The Brazilian butt lift is a popular procedure used to shape and lift the buttocks. When a woman undergoes a liposuction, she can use the fat they had removed during surgery and transfer it to her butt. Fat may be removed from your breast, thighs or abdomen.

Fat transplant gives the butt a more natural feel, than plain old butt implants. Any patient with a relative amount of fat in another area may get a Brazilian butt lift. Patients must remember that only a small fraction of the salvaged fat may be used for reinjection into the buttocks.

Brazilian Butt lift has two other variations. The Miami Thong lift makes the surgical incision in the center of the buttocks. The resulting scar remains hidden. The Butterfly lift creates a scar along the thong line to remove excess of skin. This tightening of skin reduces the appearances of cellulites. Since it uses the patient’s own fat, this butt lift technique reduces the chances that the patient might reject the fat transplant. The benefits of a Brazilian Butt lift surgery lasts forever, since fat does not transfer around the body.

The recovery time for the buttocks lasts 14 to 15 days. During that time, patients must wear a protective garment for at least three weeks after the surgery. Ideally, insurance would not cover any butt lift operation. The Brazilian butt lift at Jolie Plastic Surgery with our top plastic surgeons cost $3400-$10,000. The price may be higher when the Brazilian butt lift gets combined with a liposuction.



Liposuction can also improve the person’s health. In essence, liposuction breaks down the fatty cells and then suctions or vacuums the remnants. Without those fatty cells, the person does not gain as much weight as he or she used to. Both men and women can get a liposuction Miami. Even very young children may get one, for health reasons.

Some patients may get a liposuction using the Laser, Tumescent or Water Jet liposuction techniques. The Laser liposuction Miami uses lasers to specifically target fatty cells. Its micro-targeting powers allow our plastic surgeons Miami to perform a liposuction on smaller areas like the chin, face or neck. The Water Jet technique uses a saline solution to gently dislodge the fat from the tissues. Tumescent uses capillary constrictors to swell the tissue and reduce bleeding damage.

The recovery time varies depending on the liposuction technique. On average, the liposuction recovery period lasts 3 to 6 months. Massaging the operated area to reduce the appearances of scars is necessary. Liposuction Miami side effects do not occur as often when performing either Laser or Water Jet liposuction. Overall, the patient may suffer from swelling, hematomas, changes in skin color or blood loss. The price for the liposuction depends on the technique and the amount of fat a patient needs removed. Liposuction price may range from $1300 to $11000.


Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tucks Miami have become quite popular over the years. We have seen an increase in Miami of about 70 in Tummy Tuck plastic surgery. Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck involves the removal of excess fat and tissues from the abdomen.

This popular cosmetic surgery procedure usually gets done on women who were pregnant and need to remove this excess belly fat. Men with protruding bellies or former obese patients whose skin lacks laxity may also seek out a tummy tuck.

After the tummy tuck, patients may need constant care at home, for 15 days. Overall, the tummy tuck recovery takes from 3 to 6 months, depending on the procedure. A tummy tuck can cost anywhere from $2500 to $5000. Normally, the insurance would cover a tummy tuck for medical reasons.