Plastic Surgeons in Miami

Top Plastic Surgeons in Miami

Undoubtedly, when considering a cosmetic surgery, patients seek out the best surgeon they can afford. At Jolie Plastic Surgery, the home of some of the top plastic surgeons in Miami, we pride ourselves in providing patients with consistently beautiful, natural looking results at reasonable prices. Whether considering a breast augmentation, a Brazilian butt lift, or a full mommy makeover, we have the dream team of talented plastic surgeons offering the very best in cosmetic surgeries.

Undergoing plastic surgery is a big decision and investment for most people. While it may be tempting to bargain hunt, do not skimp on the experience and quality of the plastic surgeon you choose. At Jolie, our medical staff is board certified, and indicator of each doctor’s surgical training. Whether a patient is looking for a bit of liposuction to get rid of their love handles, or a full blown Mommy Makeover, knowing they’re in the hands of some of the Top Plastic Surgeons in Miami will put their minds at ease.

Our capable surgeons carry out a wide array of procedures which we list a bit further in the article. Here, we highlight their specialties.

Meet the Dream Team!

Dr. Jonathan Fisher - Plastic Surgeon

Top Plastic Surgeons in Miami-Dr. Jonathan Fisher

Dr. Fisher has an expansive fan base across Instagram, Real Self, and other online platforms, and it’s no wonder! With thousands of fat transfer procedures performed over a glittering 13 year career, Dr. Fisher’s “#fisherdolls” fly in from across the planet to be “fisherfied”. A quick look at his before and after gallery reveals beautiful transformations at the hands of the skilled Dr. Fisher.

Known best for his Brazilian Butt Lifts AKA BBL’s, Dr. Fisher takes fat from the patient’s fattiest areas such as the bra rolls, abdomen, or thighs and uses it to carve out a brand new derriere. Time and time again, Dr. Fisher’s dolls walk out of Jolie Plastic Surgery with the coveted hour glass figure silhouette they have always dreamed of.

Board certified and Harvard educated, Dr. Fisher specializes in all cosmetic procedures of the face and body. He is a skilled plastic surgeon whose vision has carried out many a Mommy Makeover; a procedure comprised of a breast lift or augmentation and a tummy tuck. After pregnancy or extreme weight loss many women may be left with loose or excess skin in the breasts and lower area of the abdomen. Patients can opt to simply remove the excess skin resulting in rejuvenated breasts sitting once again high on the chest, or combine the breast lift procedure with implants to restore volume and enhance their cleavage. When combined with a tummy tuck to remove the “pooch”- the loose skin of the lower abdomen, a Mommy Makeover can greatly improve or restore the contours of the body.

Dr. Anthony Hasan - Cosmetic Surgeon

Top Plastic Surgeons in Miami-Dr. Anthony Hasan

Dr. Anthony Hasan’s masterful touch is sought after by patient’s far and wide. Known best for the Transumbilical breast augmentation AKA TUBA, this procedure leaves absolutely no scarring on the breast. Breast implants are placed empty through the navel then filled with saline once in place. It takes the skill of years in practice to master this procedure, and Dr. Hasan knocks it out of the park every time!

A stroll through his before and after gallery will reveal tons of beautiful liposuction procedures, specifically the Lipo 360. Used to treat the most troublesome areas of the upper back, lower back, waist, lower and upper abdomen, Dr. Hasan is able to whittle away at pockets of fat revealing a sleek new contoured mid-section in his patients. The results are flawless, leaving only minimal scarring and flat tummies in his wake; Dr. Anthony Hasan is indeed one of the top cosmetic surgeons in Miami.

Jolie’ team of skilled plastic surgeons perform wide array of cosmetic surgeries:

  • Breast augmentation with implants
  • Breast reduction
  • Liposuction
  • Brazilian Butt Lift
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Tummy Tuck
  • Smart lipo
  • Breast lift
  • Facelift
  • Mommy Makeover
  • Labioplasty
  • Body sculpting
  • Gynecomastia, male breast reduction
  • Keloid removal
  • Otoplasty

No matter which procedure a patient chooses to have performed at Jolie Plastic Surgery, it is certain that each patient will receive individual attention and care from the top plastic surgeons in Miami. From the moment a patient contacts us, right up to and through the post-operative phase, the friendly staff is here to ensure patients and their families are informed, prepared, and as comfortable as possible.

Jolie Plastic Surgery, located in the heart of Miami, one of the cosmetic surgery meccas on the planet, welcomes patients from out of town! Contact us and see how you too can take advantage of our easy financing options, low prices, and expert surgeons. Ask us about out of state patient care.

The work of the top plastic surgeons in Miami, combined with state of the art facilities, great pricing, and the personalized, caring treatment offered to all patients at Jolie Plastic Surgery, deliver a positive experience to each patient throughout their surgery and long after. By booking a procedure with the top plastic surgeons in Miami, patients can achieve natural, long lasting results.

Frequently asked questions:

What are the costs and fees your surgeons generally charge?
Each surgeon has different fees based on their expertise and procedure performed. Please contact one of our Jolie Plastic Surgery’s specialists for further details on the procedures you are interested in.
What are the risks associated with this procedure?
All medical procedures involve risks. It is important that the patient maintains healthy habits in order to ensure a successful surgical and postsurgical process. A careful medical examination will be performed prior to surgery in order to rule out any potential health issues. First and foremost it is important to quit smoking. Smoking may increase any possible risks or complications. Patients should avoid taking aspirin or any other blood thinner unless otherwise advised by the surgeon.
What is the success rate of the surgeons at Jolie?
Our surgeons have very high rankings in patient satisfaction. Jolie Plastic Surgery’s goal is to always provide our patients with the best care in South Florida.
What is involved in the procedure? How is it performed?
Each treatment involves different steps. Surgical procedures are usually performed with anesthesia, which is applied by one of our highly experienced and certified anesthesiologists.
How do I know which surgeon is best for me?
It depends on your body type and what kind of procedure you are considering. Please contact us to find the best surgeon for your individual needs
Will the physician that performs the procedure accompany the patient throughout the whole process?
Yes, from a cut to a stitch and post-op. You plastic surgeon will make sure to not only perform the surgery, but to also follow all your progress and healing from start to finish.
Where will the surgery take place?
All surgeries take place at our Jolie Plastic Surgery clinic in Miami.
What realistic results can I expect?
The physician will thoroughly evaluate each patient’s case and talk about the results they can expect. The goal at Jolie Plastic Surgery is to always ensure the best care and incredible results to our patients.
What is the post-operative procedure like?
On most plastic surgery procedures, a compressing healing garment is usually placed over the operated area. Massages are also very important. They ensure to the patient that the areas treated are all uniform and the contour is as natural as possible. Your doctor may also prescribe you painkillers to help you manage the pain. Recovery time for most invasive procedures takes about 10 days to two weeks.