Weight Loss Miami

Have you ever felt lost, disappointed and thinking that you will never find the right solution to lose those extra pounds? Surely you have started thousands of treatments to lose weight, and none has resulted. You feel frustrated and inadequate physically because trying different diets and exercises is not convenient for your physical or mental health.

Have you ever thought that ... maybe, specialized help is the solution? Many times our brain plays tricks on us, but if we have someone who guides us, believes in us and also tells us step by step what we should do, there can be a success.

In this article, we will explain the advantages of our program for weight loss Miami at Jolie Plastic Surgery. We will explain what it consists of, the nutritional diet that you must follow, the specialized doctors that can help you, the price and if you apply for this treatment to lose weight.

Treatment to lose weight and feel healthy

Being obese, almost always brings as a consequence that we have more tendency to suffer from some diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, heart problems; not to mention that it is very likely that you tried to lose weight and you did not get it.

People who are obese can have those extra pounds for several reasons. Medical, psychological, for leading a sedentary life, a bad diet, genetic predisposition. Jolie Plastic Surgery recommends that you contact us and ask for that first free consultation. While it is essential to make a change in our lives to feel healthier, it is imperative that the weight loss treatment you need is based on the opinion of a specialist who will determine what the causes of your condition are and the best way to treat it.

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What is medical weight loss?

When you start treatment to lose weight Miami with medical help, you will have a specialist in the subject that will indicate all the steps to follow. During this period the person is studied, a good doctor is one who not only treats the problem but also investigates where the deficiency comes from.

A balance will be made between what you weigh and measure to know what your ideal weight should be. You will calculate how many calories you should consume daily. What kind of physical activity should you do? If you need medical assistance or some treatment for flaccidity, cellulite or others. And what supplements and medicines are the ones that adapt to your needs.

With us you will not only do a simple regimen of a few days, at Jolie Plastic Surgery, we are willing to help you so that once you achieve the aesthetic change, you also know that your lifestyle will be different from now on because He became a different person. Slim, healthy and happy.

About overweight and obesity

Obesity has doubled since 1980, and the World Health Organization already considers obesity a global epidemic that affects almost 2 out of 3 Americans. Since 1986 in Florida, when information was collected, obesity among adults has nearly doubled, 2 out of every 3 people in Florida and almost a third of Florida's high school students are considered overweight or overweight. Obesity with high risk to your health.

What causes obesity?

This proved that the energy imbalance, the genetic or endocrine affections and the consumption of certain medications could produce overweight or obesity.

Energy imbalance: When a person consumes more calories than he uses, that is, the energy we acquire through food is higher than what we spend. This type of energy imbalance causes the body to accumulate fat.

Genetic syndromes associated with overweight:

  • Prader-Willi syndrome
  • Bardet-biedl syndrome
  • Alstrom syndrome
  • Alstrom syndrome

Endocrine disorders associated with obesity:

  • Hypothyroidism: People with this condition have low levels of thyroid hormones, have a decrease in metabolism and an increase in weight, even reducing the amount of food they eat.
  • Cushing's syndrome: These people have high levels of glucocorticoids, such as cortisol in the blood. This causes chronic stress in the body, people eat more and your body accumulates more fat.
  • Tumors: Some tumors, such as craniopharyngioma, can cause obesity. This tumor develops in the part of the brain that controls hunger.


Antifungals, antidepressants, antihyperglycemic agents and antiepileptics are medications that can cause weight gain and cause obesity.

According to the CDC. ("Center for disease control and prevention")

"Obesity is a complex problem that requires a strong call to action on multiple levels, for both children and adults. More efforts are needed, and new federal initiatives are helping to transform our communities into places that strongly support healthy eating and active living. "

All people should:

  • Eat more fruits and vegetables, and fewer foods high in fats and sugars.
  • Drink more water instead of sugary drinks.
  • See less television.
  • Support breastfeeding.
  • Promote policies and programs in school, work and the community to facilitate the choice of healthy foods.
  • Do more physical activity.

Weight Loss program candidates

If you have a few extra pounds and have not managed to lower them; maybe it's time to ask for help. Jolie Plastic Surgery has an effective treatment to lose weight. Specialists in nutrition, surgeons, therapists, trained people who will guide you step by step. You must be realistic about the changes you want and the lifestyle that will begin with us.

According to the CDC, "Obesity and overweight increase the risk of suffering":

  • Coronary heart disease
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Cancer (endometrial, breast and colon)
  • High blood pressure
  • Lipid disorders (for example, high levels of total cholesterol or high levels of triglycerides)
  • Vascular brain accident
  • Diseases of the liver and gallbladder
  • Sleep apnea and respiratory problems
  • Osteoarthritis (degeneration of the cartilage and the underlying bone of a joint)
  • Gynecological problems (abnormal menstruation, infertility

Do not hesitate, schedule an appointment with one of our specialists, at Jolie Plastic Surgery, and start the weight loss treatment that will benefit you so much.

Our approach to Weight Loss Miami at Jolie Plastic Surgery

At Jolie Plastic Surgery we will make a detailed plan and, above all, a rigorous follow-up plan. What should you eat, when, what types of foods are best for you? The daily time you should devote to physical activity. The necessary supplements that will help you lose weight permanently.

The different treatments for the most affected areas that contain too much fat accumulation. A liposuction or a reduction of a stomach or simply treatments for cellulite or a "mommy makeover" for a full readjustment of your silhouette. There are several options that we will give you and different levels of the program. Step by step we will win the battle against obesity, and you will feel that lifestyle change will not only make you feel healthier but that your appearance will improve and your self-esteem will also improve.

HCG injections Miami

Human chorionic gonadotropin, HCG for short, is a hormone that occurs naturally in the human body. HCG helps to revitalize the metabolism of our body, stimulating the natural mechanisms to burn the existing fat. By taking HCG regularly, we are encouraging the body to burn fat faster and more efficiently.

Weight loss Programs

HCG works on the hormonal glands of our patients, efficiently promoting the production of natural hormones in our body. These hormones are responsible for the body's production of testosterone. A person who receives regular HCG injections will lose weight as never before and will stay healthy.

Interested in hCG? We wrote all about the hCG program HERE.

Medical weight loss Miami

At Jolie Plastic Surgery we have Dr. Pascual. There is no specialist in the subject of weight loss more passionate than our doctor. She participated in the popular television program "Ritmo Diet" and achieved that the participants lost an average of 100 pounds. How? Dr. Pascual assures that personalized follow-up is one of the primary keys to the success of her treatment to lose weight. From the first consultation, a general check will be made. Your (BMI) will be evaluated. Depending on the patient's objectives and the doctor's recommendations according to the medical check-up, they will begin that lifestyle change that you need.

Combining HCG Diet with customized weight loss program

By combining weight loss treatment with medical assistance and HCG injections, you will see that the result will be much better and you will be able to maintain that slim and youthful appearance for a long and lasting period.

HCG injections are considered a tool to complete a general goal of weight loss. HCG treatment should be supported by regular exercise and a new focus on healthy eating habits to ensure long-term success.

At Jolie Plastic Surgery, Dr. Pascual will chemically evaluate you and know how to balance the injections with the diet and the schedule of exercises you must maintain. Each person is different and unique, and only a personalized plan can achieve that you achieve your goal and feel young, slim and stylized, once and for all and for a long and lasting time.

Best weight loss program for a safe & quick weight loss.

There are many tips that you find every day when you decide to lose weight. Choose from so many diets and medical supplements and what kind of exercises you should do and for how long, is the most difficult.

Usually, people want a weight loss treatment that is fast and effective, but most of the time they are not able to maintain it or they make a mistake and choose a quick and long-term plan to regain those pounds that bothered them and that they persist in staying in your body.

That is why we believe that the plan practiced by Dr. Pascual in Jolie Plastic Surgery is one of the best options to consider. A treatment supervised by a doctor is always the best option. There are several steps to follow so that the patient gradually gets used to his new lifestyle. Because here we will change your life, do not hesitate and the most important thing is that it will be healthy, efficient and fast.

Advantages of a Medical Weight Loss program

Many are the people who daily start a treatment to lose weight without having the slightest idea of the damage it can cause to our body to force it to change from one day to the next, the rhythm of life.

People hear about "The Diet of the Moon," "The Diet of the Pineapple," they make different exercise plans without knowing if their body will be able to react well to this abrupt change.

Sometimes they even take medications that they do not know and do not know if they will react adversely.

When you decide to lose weight and think about doing it healthily and efficiently, you should ask for specialized help, because you will avoid:

  • Fainting
  • Lack of nutrients in your diet.
  • Severe fatigue from excess exercises.
  • Adverse reaction to medical supplements, not recommended by specialists.
  • Chemical imbalance
  • Depression when the goal is not achieved.

Why our weight loss doctor Miami is your best option

At Jolie Plastic Surgery we have a weight loss treatment, very well structured and backed by clients who have already made that change of life with our help and it has worked for them.

We have Dr. Pascual who with her knowledge and her delivery, follows up like no other. Well, he is enthusiastic, optimistic and impregnates positivism to his patients, a key ingredient to achieving success.

And if that were not enough if you have problems in paying for treatment, Jolie Plastic Surgery offers financing plans to make your life easier. Care Credit is a plan in which you must be pre-approved and the "Lay Away Plan," which with a minimum deposit of $ 500 can pay in installments with 0% interest.

A long term weight loss Miami solution

Our treatment is the solution to lose weight in the long term healthily and effectively. With us you will have:

A healthy diet to look for a variety of food, in this way we avoid that your body suffers from lack of any nutrient. Also, we guarantee that you do not get bored of eating the same thing and do not abandon the plan in half.

A small schedule of exercises guarantees a good start in your physical life. Going to graduate that plan is a better option. The body feels rejuvenated, and it helps a lot to balance those calories that you consume and the ones you have to spend.

To help you in this process and finally get the desired weight, HCG injections are the missing ingredient. They help your body to consume that energy that sometimes for lack of time or for the work you do, you cannot burn physically.

Do not think more, if you want to have a slim, healthy and full body, call us at 305 262 4387. Jolie Plastic Surgery is here with the best treatment for weight loss Miami. You will not regret.

Frequently questions weight loss Miami

How does an anemic person lose weight?

I recommend seeing a doctor to treat your anemia. Meanwhile, you can try to lose weight with little or no exercise, which will work, but you'll have to start burning the fat reserves in your body to get energy instead of food. I would recommend limiting the intake of all carbohydrates to 20 grams or less and eating meals consisting mainly of lean cuts of meat and green leafy vegetables. You should consult a doctor before undergoing treatment to lose weight.

How can I stop my addiction to eating fast food? I cannot sometimes stop like I'm not hungry. It's causing depression, and it just kills my day when I look in the mirror. Please, how do I stop this and motivate me to lose weight? I need help as soon as possible!

If medications are not for you, I also recommend incorporating some gentle exercise, such as walking in your daily routine. Studies have shown that exercise relieves the signs of depression and, as an added benefit, can help you fight the urge to eat fast food and help you shed some of the pounds you've used because of fast food. No matter which route you take, be patient with yourself, not every day is a perfect day, but that is no reason to surrender the next day. Look for specialized help, at Jolie Plastic Surgery we can help you, and the first consultation is free.

How many calories should I take every day to reduce my weight?

Without knowing your height, it is difficult to calculate what your weight should be. Do not stop walking. My advice is this: Your day should look like this: a breakfast rich in protein with eggs and lean meat or a protein bar (low carb) or a smoothie. Lunch and dinner should be composed of green leafy vegetables and lean meats. You should also consider weight loss medical programs to help you reduce most of your weight. There is no reason to attack weight loss on your own, the help of the right doctor can help you lose weight and make small adjustments in your lifestyle. Consider going through a weight loss treatment, under medical supervision.

Do stretch marks indicate loose skin after weight loss?

After weight loss, the skin has a remarkable ability to tighten. For people with extreme weight loss (100 or more pounds), there is often redundant skin, but in the case of pregnancy or mild overweight people, the skin can adjust itself. The presence of stretch marks is not an indicator of future loose skin after weight loss, at all.

Your opinion about the CLA supplement for fat loss: do you think it is harmful?

Since I'm not sure if you're trying to lose a predetermined weight, or if you have any other medical conditions, I can recommend a combination of fat-loss supplements. Studies for CLA are not conclusive, and it seems to work for some people.

It is always a good idea to find the right supplements to support your weight loss efforts, but ultimately, the foods you consume will determine whether you lose weight or not. Eat a diet consisting mainly of green leafy vegetables and lean meats, and avoid processed foods for better results.

What procedures do you recommend after losing 100 pounds? My maximum weight was 250 pounds. I started dieting about 6 years ago, I lost 60 pounds in 6 months, recently I lost the rest of the weight I have loose skin and stretch marks on my arms and stomach and some fat between my inner thighs that diet and exercise cannot take off. What recommendations give me full tummy tuck or lipo only. Which would be the best?

Typically, with so much weight loss, it would be appropriate to perform a tummy tuck and other lifting procedures, and liposuction might not be recommended. However, there are some things to consider in this instance. If you are very young, it is better to wait until you have children before undergoing a tummy tuck since pregnancy can undo the positive effects of the surgery. However, I believe that your arms may benefit from a lift since there is some apparent laxity that could be improved by surgery.

Eat before or after training?

Fasting before training, or simply exercising on an empty stomach can increase the amount of fat burned during your workouts, as well as increase the amount of weight you lose. The conclusion is the following: consume a diet rich in green leafy vegetables and lean proteins, eat only when hungry and continue to exercise moderately at least 30 minutes a day.

I am 33 years old and weigh around 205 pounds, and I gain monthly more weight. What would surgical weight loss procedure be best for me?

Bariatric surgery is an option for you, but I would like to recommend less invasive options. Many of my patients using the weight loss treatment we have lost more than 100 pounds through a combination of a custom diet, low impact exercise and HCG to support their efforts. The weight comes out quickly and safely with an average weight loss of 20 pounds per month.

What can I expect if I use HCG?

The most notable benefit of using HCG to lose weight is to reduce appetite and cravings. Once these dietary risks are reduced or eliminated completely, patients find it easy to continue with their diets. HCG can correct hormonal imbalances that cause weight gain and prevent the burning of fat deposits.

I have consulted several specialists, but I still do not decide to do a treatment to lose weight in Miami?

Whichever method you choose, you are on the right path seeking the help of a doctor. There is no need to do it alone, take advantage of the medical advances available to help you achieve weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. If you wish you can call us at 305 262 4387, so you can schedule your free consultation. Jolie Plastic Surgery is at your disposal, visit us and we will give you more details.

Updated on: November 08, 2017

Disclaimer: Non Surgical Treatments, Diets, Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Results Can Vary Significantly Between Patients.